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Vulnerability Management

Turn Your Security Weaknesses Into Strengths

With new vulnerabilities being discovered in networks daily, staying up to date with current vulnerabilities and regularly updating virus protection software is becoming increasingly time-consuming and challenging.

Vulnerability Management

  • Can manage these vulnerabilities for you with solutions that are capable of updating automatically for new threats and scanning periodically based on a predefined schedule.
  • Assess your network
  • Provide several ways to prioritize the weaknesses discovered so that the most important can be addressed first.

By revealing your vulnerabilities, Visual Edge IT’s managed security testing and assessments allow businesses to take a proactive approach to security and allow them to make good risk management  decisions and technology investments.


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Visual Edge IT’s Vulnerability Management Services Include

Managed Security Testing

Testing examines each aspect of your security architecture meant to protect your critical information and identifies areas that are vulnerable to attacks so you can focus available resources on the most serious issues that exist at the moment.

Managed Web Application Firewall

Managing this essential defense is critical in safeguarding your web-based applications, websites and business-critical applications from attacks and exploits.

Database & Big Data Scanning

By scanning your database management system, we can uncover any vulnerabilities such as configuration mistakes, access control issues, or settings that could lead to data leakage or unauthorized access to or modification of your critical data.

Application Scanning

Web applications are a growing target for attackers. Regularly scanning these applications and finding their vulnerabilities allows you to remediate them before they are exploited.

Network Vulnerability Management and Scanning

Your best defense against an attack on your network is to regularly scan it so you can identify weaknesses in your infrastructure and resolve the high-risk vulnerabilities the scan finds.

LAN Packet Inspection

Through packet inspections, we can detect the invisible malware that has been installed and remove it increases the safety of your systems.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is all about identifying network security weaknesses before they are exploited internally or externally.

Security Awareness Education

Empowers your employees with the security know-how to help protect your business against growing security risks and vulnerabilities. Educating employees about security basics like password security and email attachment security is a great place to start when developing an information system security plan.

Website Security Assessment

Your best defense against an attack on your web site is to regularly run a website security assessment to test your existing equipment, applications, and web site code to see if any known vulnerabilities exist so they can be handled.