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April 30, 2020 / Android

How to keep your Android device secure

Interested in how to keep your Android device secure? According to this article, more people are relying on their smartphones for tasks such as surfing the internet, booking a taxi or an airline ticket, playing games, and ordering food. While you cannot predict if your Android device will be stolen or lost, the following tools will protect your personal information, give you peace of mind and keep your Android device...

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April 30, 2020 / Virtualization

Virtualization: A beginner’s guide

If you’re just starting on virtualization, you need to know it’s not just plug-and-play. You need to understand your IT environment, and that’s not something that’s immediately easy to grasp. If you’re a beginner, better follow this virtualization guide. Conduct an assessment Evaluating your IT environment is an important step in the implementation process. After all, you can’t just go around virtualizing everything without a plan. An IT assessment performed...

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April 30, 2020 / Business

ERP: the software your business needs

Managing a business is complicated enough: different departments like accounting, management, and sales each have its own software and systems. Don’t you just wish there was a less difficult and more efficient way to manage your enterprise? Wish no more, because  enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can solve management problems for you. Read on to find out how. ERP explained ERP is a program that integrates all your systems into...

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April 30, 2020 / Hardware

Prolong laptop battery life with these tricks

Are you interested in knowing how you can prolong laptop battery life? It’s difficult to get any work done with your laptop notifying you that it’s running out of juice. And if you are not close to a power outlet, your laptop will soon be nothing more than a cold slab of metal and plastic. Here are some helpful tips to prolong laptop battery life.   Some truths about your...

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April 30, 2020 / Web & Cloud

Get the most of Chrome with these extensions

The majority of internet users worldwide has chosen Chrome as the best web browser, and the Chrome Web Store helps enhance the browser’s features by housing thousands of powerful add-ons to enhance its features. But while it’s amazing to have so many choices, it can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming to pick the right  Google Chrome extensions. This list of powerful extensions can come in handy and save you a...

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April 30, 2020 / Security

Monitoring employees online: Is it right?

The choice to monitor your employees’ computers or not is a tricky one. While part of you may think it’s unethical, it could end up saving you hours of lost productivity or preventing a data breach. Here are some pros and cons of employee monitoring, and some tips to handle it fairly if you decide it’s right for your business. The case for monitoring There are a number of reasons...

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